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Newsletter Deadlines

Easy Peasy - Always the second Friday of each month with distribution being the third Friday of each month excluding April.  No issue is produced in January (we all need a bit of a break!)

Sporting Clubs are given until the Monday following the deadline to provide details - due to weekend games.


Thorpdale Potato Festival 

The Thorpdale Potato Festival returned on March 8, 2015, after a gap of 12 years.  The hard-working Committee hoped that they would get about 3,000 people to the Festival - and were staggered to realise that there were well over 9,000 people who flocked to join in the fun.  We had the benefit of glorious weather, but we have been reliably informed that people come rain, hail or shine! There were traffic jams for kilometres and the traffic lights down in Trafalgar couldn't cope with the stream of cars.  Oh boy, if only we could have seen that - but we were all flat chat on the Recreation Reserve.

Community groups in Thorpdale were the recipients of the majority of funds raised on the day and the various groups are listed in the April/May issue of Thorpdale Community News - see Archives.  

The Thorpdale Potato Festival will return on Labour Day Sunday in 2019.  We certainly had a fantastic day again in 2017 after a rocky weather start, with our very special guest in Miguel Maestre from "The Living Room".  Miguel charmed the thousands of people who flocked through the gates - with his infectious laughter and delightful character.  A hard act to follow for sure.

The 28th Thorpdale Potato Festival, held on Sunday 10 March 2019 was a resounding success and felt by all to be the best ever.  Once all the bells had stop ringing and the whistles piping, and everyone had settled down, the Committee added up the takings and was able to distribute the incredible sum of $53,167 to 17 community groups for projects ranging from annual printing costs (Narracan News) to major lighting upgrades (Thorpdale Recreation Reserve).  Truly an outstanding result.  Congratulations to everyone involved - a fantastic effort.  

It will be a hard act to follow, but we will all be there again in 2021 at the 29th Thorpdale Potato Festival, working hard to make it even better still.